In memory of

Taneisha Pepion-Stotler, 20, of Ashland

May 2, 1992 – October 2, 2012

On Tuesday October 2nd our precious    (Vȯe’ ameoht sévá’e) First Walking Woman (Taneisha Blanche Pepion Stotler) went to be with the Lord.  She came into this world on May 20, 1992 to Stacy (Pete) Bearcomesout and Mario Pepion.  She carries her great great grandmothers name Mary Issues King (Mexican Cheyenne) Taneisha.  Pepion in the French language is the same as butterfly… As a butterfly was once a caterpillar-it was earth bound; it was limited; but now, it is able to fly into the heavens it flies…it is free, it is strong – so are you – granddaughter Butterfly; Love you very much always praying for you.  She also has the nickname Mé’éš kȯe (Mexican Woman) given to her by her Great grandmother.

She is survived by her three children Isaiah Jr., Mario, Isabella Stotler, her estranged husband Isaiah Stotler Sr., her companion Jerard Threefingers, Grandparents Mark & Ruth Whitewolf, Irene & Antoine Pepion Brothers Michael Tushka, Emilio Littlebird, Xavier Badbrave, Royal Small, Aldin Jr, William, John, Alvin Twomoons, Edward & Drey Widner. Sisters: Sidney Elkshoulder, Layva Foote, Cherise, Lindsey Badbrave, Taleah, Anna Joyce, Taezha and, Juanita, Maria Russette, Deanna Yazzie Great Great Grandmother Susie Cain, Glenn (Lillian), Aurelia (Eugene), Steve, Theresa, Harry Jr. (Collette), Fernando (Iylene), Richard (Claudine), Leo (Berta),  Serena (Jason), Limona, Rosie Ann (Sam), Ginger, Great Aunts Betty Ann Bullchild, Loretta Wildgun, Carol Ann Manyguns, Julia Littledog, Martina Littledog, Yvon Pepion, Celeste Shell, Marcelle Pepion, Estelle Pepion, Mary Ann Lavarro, Great Uncles Mike Littledog, Levi Pepion, Willard Pepion, Arthur DeRoche. Godmother Joni Whiteman.  Aunties: Tonya & Alix Russette, Victoria Elkshoulder, Clarissa (Aaron) Blackcrow, Charmaine Pepion, Loretta Goings (Tyler) Barbara  Little Swallow, Stephanie Davis,   Heather Littlebird, Jacquelynn Moore,   Pamela Estell, Sammie & Mildred Estell, Jennifer,  Robyn, and Rhea  Russette, Kristen Waters, Kendra, Danielle Limberhand, Angelia Martinez, Ruth Huovinen, Anna Joy Littlebird, Denese Littlebird, Stella and Wilma Blackbear, Lori, Denise, and Ami Whitewolf, Special Aunts Winona, Megan Ridgebear Uncles: Aaron Pepion (Arbana),  Clinton Pepion (Turease),  Glenn Littlebird Jr., John & Lance Littlebird, Roland Littlebird, Eugene     Blackbear III, Fred Blackbear, Aloysius  Littlebird, Orlando Seminole, Rexx (Stephen) & Egonn Brady, Harry Littlebird III,  Randy Littlebird, Fernando Jr. & David Littlebird, Jonas Ridgebear, Charlie Littlebird, Rutger & Ricky Waters, Michael & Rusty Limberhand. 

Taneisha is preceded in death by her father Mario Pepion, Grandfather Andre Pepion, Great-Grandparents Willard Sr. & Mildred Pepion, John & Margaret (DeRoche) Little Dog, Annie, Joyce & Harry Littlebird Sr., Juanita Lee Russette, Charlie Littlebird,    Estell, Great Aunts Helen Burdeaux, Florence Spotted Bear, Ivette Meserly, Jackie Pepion.  Great Uncles John Little Dog Jr., Pierre Pepion.


Extended families are: All Tallwhiteman’s,  Clubfoote, King, Bearcomesout, Killsnight, Yellowhair, Yelloweyes, Medicine Bull, Elkshoulder and all of her extended family from Browning also.  Our family is so huge; please forgive us, if we forgot to mention anyone.


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  1. May GOD’s peace be with you all.



  3. May God Rest Her Soul . . . . and May He Bring Peace to You and Yours!

  4. Tonya Littlebird says:

    May God Rest Your Soul My Beautiful Niece Taneisha Blanche I will always luv u and Stacy may God bring you his perfect peace I luv <3 <3

  5. robin russette says:

    i really miss my niece neisha!!!!im having a hardv tyme dealing but i know shez n heaven i luv u neish ur sooooooooo beautifull nd ur sis shantel really misses u too!!!!<3<3

  6. I miss you with all my heart and love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. juanita russette says:

    Taneisha I love you and Stacy I am so sorry for your lost. I hope God will bless you one day Stacy. I hope you can go to the billings library on Fridays because sometimes I go to there.
    And tell Anna I miss her. Please!

  8. O my Goodness~Juanita I miss you and Maria so so much you don’t know how much you made my day, I cried tears of joy, I think about you both often and tried to get you two home for Neisha’s memorial however the judge denied me the visit as I was not a parent and so I gave your mom your shawls and also you and Maria’s t’shirts they have Neisha’s picture on them. I love you girls so very much don’t ever forget that and even though we may not get to see one another at all, we will find a way. You know I will do my very best to get to the library. I am working with social services at the BIA now and get off at 4:30. My home number is 477-3052 if you have access to call. Call me if you can~I love you my beautiful niece tell Maria the same~you made my mother’s day.

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